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WAHHH, my apologies, I have been a very lazy bum with this group.

Getting straight to the point, I'm looking for a new Co-Founder.
If you're interested in sorting out folders, accepting appropriate pictures or simply blogging, please send a note to me or leave a comment below.
It would be nice to have someone giving a helping hand :)

~Don't forget to keep submitting your art! It's a great way to promote yourself out on DeviantArt, and I'm constantly flicking through, keep it up guys!~

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Adopt a Hero

There's still some good characters up for grabs! XD
Take your pick... (To adopt, leave a comment on this page)



:bulletred: Ichigo Kurosaki - :iconw3ph:
:bulletred: Hollow Ichigo "Hichigo" :iconldzetc:
:bulletred: Vasto Lorde Ichigo/Hichigo :iconpookie329lee:
:bulletred: Shinji Hirako :iconym-intertwined:
:bulletred: Love Aikawa
:bulletred: Mashiro Kuna
:bulletred: Kensei Muguruma :iconflyingdragon04:
:bulletred: Lisa Yadōmaru
:bulletred: Isshin Kurosaki
:bulletred: Yuzu Kurosaki
:bulletred: Karin Kurosaki :iconflashsteps:
:bulletred: Kon :iconnijiryuu:
:bulletred: Urahara Kisuke
:bulletred: Yoruichi Shihoin :iconipodnano98:
:bulletred: Jinta
:bulletred: Ururu
:bulletred: Ririn
:bulletred: Nova :iconbleachy-shuichi:
:bulletred: Claude
:bulletred: Orihime Inoue :iconinkierose:
:bulletred: Chad Yasutora
:bulletred: Uryu Ishida :iconkittydeagle:
:bulletred: Tatsuki Arisawa :iconth3darkkn1ght:
:bulletred: Don Kanonji


:bulletblue: Genryusei Yamamoto
:bulletblue: Soi Fon :iconankoku-sensei:
:bulletblue: Retsu Unohana
:bulletblue: Byakuya Kuchiki :iconshirokoburi:
:bulletblue: Sajin Komamura
:bulletblue: Shunsui Kyoraku :iconulquischiffercifer:
:bulletblue: Toshiro Hitsugaya :iconshadow-singer:
:bulletblue: Kenpachi Zaraki :iconshadow-wing456:
:bulletblue: Mayuri Kurotsuchi :iconemiliestrauss:
:bulletblue: Jushiro Ukitake :iconmzjekyl:
:bulletblue: Sasakibe Chojiro :icontorrents-rain:
:bulletblue: Izuru Kira :icondragonchick6:
:bulletblue: Isane Kotetsu
:bulletblue: Renji Abarai :iconjakeykitty29:
:bulletblue: Nanao Ise :iconshinju-masami:
:bulletblue: Shuuhei Hisagi :iconamy-luna:
:bulletblue: Rangiku Matsumoto :iconx-rachel:
:bulletblue: Yachiru Kusajishi :iconmylifeisaveragestill:
:bulletblue: Ikkaku Madarame
:bulletblue: Yumichika Ayesegawa
:bulletblue: Rukia Kuchiki :icondefudefu:
:bulletblue: Kaien Shiba :icondpphan:
:bulletblue: Ganju Shiba
:bulletblue: Kukaku Shiba


:bulletgreen: Sosuke Aizen :iconyuki-maru:
:bulletgreen: Gin Ichimaru :iconlittletoushiro:
:bulletgreen: Kaname Tosen
:bulletgreen: Coyote Starrk :iconjenndragon:
:bulletgreen: Baraggan Luisenbarn
:bulletgreen: Tia Harribel
:bulletgreen: Ulquiorra Cifer :iconsolcarn:
:bulletgreen: Nnoitra Gilga :iconguavachan:
:bulletgreen: Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez :iconwolf-pup31:
:bulletgreen: Szayel Aporro:iconephere:
:bulletgreen: Yammy Llargo
:bulletgreen: Nelliel Tu :iconsakura-orihime:
:bulletgreen: Luppi Antenor
:bulletgreen: Wonderweiss Margela :iconkyuubigetsugya:









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